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 Speaking of nostalgia, I wonder if I've already named that of a previous post...

Sorry for the lack of posts!  I've been busy~

Sorry for not posting the games I said I would post...  I've been too tired and lazy.  Most of the games are poor anyway.  Instead, let me just explain the idea.  It is not really an opening, but style!

You play moves like 5-5 and 4-5 in the beginning, for example, in order to build influence quickly.  Star points could work too.  After that, you might even play a move above a side star point (on the fifth line), or you might extend from your 4-5 on the fourth line six spaces away.  The idea is to quickly form a framework in the center, but you don't have to complete it.  Why?  Because completing it is hard...  It may be time to invade somewhere instead.  The point here is that that semi-surrounded, good-shaped central influence is worth a lot whether you claim it as points or not.  Why?  Two reason.  1 - It is invaluable for all fights of any kind and gives you control of the game - overwhelming power.  You may be able to consolidate it later, too.  2 - Even if your opponent spends Dame/neutral point stones to erase it, those moves only erase.  That means your influence is serving a good purpose already.  Furthermore, doing so may cause your opponent to create weak groups or weaknesses.  You can attack those weak, floating groups by chasing them in a way that surrounds territory, and even play leaning attacks in the direction the weak group is being forced to run to.  A well-executed leaning attack should either allow you to continue the chase longer after it reaches that place, allowing future profits, or force your opponent into an ultimatum; force them to choose between loss of territory at the leaned-on area, or damage to their floating group, maybe even loss of a big piece or death.

I call this "Sky-High Style".  It is a broad way of thinking about Go.  What is it for?  It's because I think Go can be played in many ways, and we have a lot more exploring to do.  I think that if the west could ever overtake the east in Go, it would be through reinvention.  We must create our own style and way of thinking to play the game.  I think this is also the most fun thing to do.  When I play Sky-High Style, my opponent usually becomes confused, which is surely a plus.  This is because it is unorthodox, but also because it is a deep and ambiguous way to play that makes the entire board position complex and hard to play correctly.  It involves the center into our normally corner and side-oriented openings, which is like bringing the game from 2D to 3D, or something like that~~  You don't have to agree with me, but this is what I've been thinking about lately.The other thing about having a lot more influence than your opponent is that you will usually get a lot more random bits of points than him surrounded in the endgame, so it is like the score you count during the middle-game is actually modest for you.

In a sense, the opening I talked about last time evolved into this.

Yesterday I went for a walk, just as I did yesterday.  So, yesterday I decided that, since I feel like a cadaver, I should go for a walk and a job.  It was really nice out, surprisingly warm.  I went for a jog up the hill on my street, and then I jogged down Riverdale Park Hill to the track.  There, I did one lap around and was already destroyed.  However, it was so nice out that I decided to take the biker's trail.  I walked along, basking in the sunshine until I reached another park.  But what was this park that I had forgotten about?  Riverdale Park West!  I even found a solitary Weeping Willow tree.  It's my mom's favourite tree, and it may be mine, too.  I stood under it for a while with a very clear mind...  Then I started daydreaming...  I had a romantic daydream involving the exact spot in which I stood, beneath the willow that wavered in the cool fall wind.  It's hard to explain vividly, and it's the kind of thought you'd wish you could have more often, something you're even hesitant to share because it was like a personal dream.  I walked further and reached the "Cabbage Town" area.  I reached more of Riverdale Park West as well as Riverdale Farm, which I decided to re-explore...  It brought back vivid memories of the time I went here to take pictures with my Photography class in high school.  On the way home, as I walked down Bain, I slowed down as I passed Withrow Public School, my old place.  Although I pass by it constantly every week, This time I noticed the tree at the far end of 'The Pit', which is like little sunken area of the field where kids play during recess.  Withrow's field is completely blocked off by walls and fence, but it's pretty vast.  Anyone can get in via the entrance to the school grounds, but it would be conspicuous for an adult to hang out in The Pit...  That's the only thing that stopped me.  I had always been scolded for climbing up and sitting in the lonely tree in the far corner of The Pit, so I wanted to sit in it again for old time's sake.  I enjoyed that walk very much, so I did the same thing today.  I really do love Fall/Autumn.  On that note, I never know whether ot call it 'Fall' or 'Autumn'...  I call it Fall because I'd most frequently heard it referred to as such.  There were only two things I didn't like during my little adventure.  One thing was all the cars and other artificial things, including graffiti.  At one point during the walk, I found myself under a bridge looking it a lot of spray painted stuff.  MITAKUNEE YO~  I sort of shouted it out loud for fun.  In Japanese it means "I don't want to see it!".  The normal/less informal version is Mitaku nai (desu) yo 見たくない よ~

These days I usually use Japanese when talking to myself aloud.  Not that I do it often, but when I'm by myself walking around outside I like to do that sometimes.  It's also a way for me to practice.  To be honest, I did a lot of daydreaming that day (yesterday).  The entire time from the Willow tree to the graffiti under the bridge, I was imagining talking to a girl in Japanese as we walked.  Why was it a girl?  Well, for one thing, I think it is normal for me to prefer the company of girls...  But it was the same girl from the "romantic" daydream under the tree.  Now you may be thinking, "Okay...  He has an imaginary girlfriend..."  So let me just get this straight.  I was imagining someone so I could more effectively practice my Japanese...  I wasn't looking at them as though they physically exist or talking to them out loud or anything, haha.
All I was doing was losing myself in my own world a little.  I also said "Kowai", meaning scary or afraid, when I walked up a metal staircase.  It was a Loooong way down if I somehow fell, and there were many, many holes purposely shaped into each step, so it was almost like walking on something invisible to me.  Not only that, but some of the steps were very loose and felt like they could fall off.  I'm a little afraid of heights, too...

I'm a really rogue person who highly values independence.  For that reason, I've long since wished to live on my own, but alas, I'm not financially capable of that yet.  At least I can look toward the future with a grin.  If I dislike it so much, it means I'll be that much happier later on...

I have a lot of written notes, plans and such printed and posted onto my wall.  I mentioned this before...  On the bottom of my 'Dreams' post, which lists my ultimate objectives, I have two Japanese sentences in a very large font.  One says, "Sugoi shousetsuka ni naru!" (凄い小説家になる!) which means, "Become a great novelist!"  The other says, "Sugoi yatsu ni naru!" ( 凄いやつになる!) which means "Become an amazing guy/fellow/chap/dude!

The meaning of the first one is simple - Become a great author, as though I were born to do it.  The second one requires me to accomplish all of my ideal self-improvements, which involves the acquisition and aptitude of many skills.

I really hate when people "ruin the mood".  If I'm watching something really cool, but my mom comes in and starts acting goofy.  Or...  When I was walking around yesterday all blissful and lost in thought, but old middle-aged ladies with strollers walk behind me and start calling their dogs in that really annoying, high-pitched, cutesy voice without stopping, and talking to their dogs like babies, it ruins the mood for me.  This is something I hate.

I think I'll keep going for those little hikes every day.  That way, I'll be able to improve my health, which should in turn improve everything else.  I've wanted to lose weight, too.  Even though I'm not even "chubby" yet, I have an infinitely higher body fat percentage than I did at the start of highs school, which was like 7%.  I've also wanted to improve my health, bring it back up.  I don't go outside enough other than for necessary traveling, and my cardio-vascular endurance is like an old man's.  No, it's worse.  I couldn't keep up with the old timer on the track yesterday ><

I'm thinking that after living on my own for a while, I'll probably want a pet.  I'll probably go for a dog, since I've lived with cats my whole life.  A dog will probably force me into a healthy lifestyle.

So, as for my studies...  The website my friend WIll suggested to me for learning Korean, talktomeinkorean.com, is great!  It's free forever, and Hyunwoo and Kyungeun are so funny...  When it comes to teaching myself Kanji, I had a bit of an intermission there for a bit, but now I'm almost up to 100.  ZKanji is a good program.

Thanks for reading!  Annyeonghikyeseyo~~~  Actually, I'm not sure which one of us is considered the "leaving" person, so...  Kyeseyo or Kaseyo...  Maybe I should go with kaseyo, as though we're both leaving at the same time :)

Um...  Bye!