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Organizing my interests

 Well, I had fun at James' house tonight, we're getting a good show of Go players these days...

I've decided that I can't just play GO only when I have to, and I can't just "play only for fun, nothing else".
I still want to get stronger, and now that I can see exactly what it is that my Go lacks, however difficult to attain it may be, I have to do it.
I still want to become a 7 Dan level player.  On KGS, for example, I would like to be 7 or 8 Dan eventually...  I think I can do it.
In the meantime, while I don't have and can't afford a formal teacher and am busy with studies, not to mention upcoming university studies, I can't do anything like gain 3 stones of strength, but I can try to gain 1.  That alone is quite hard.  I've decided to push myself harder and add Go into the mix.  Not only that, I'm trying to diet right now because I want to into former shape.  Lately I've been going for short hikes in the morning or afternoon, so I'm going to continue that, but add to it.  I will make walking/hiking/jogging/running/exploring into a prominent "hobby".  I will diet a little by eating less (I eat a lot...) and eating a lot better, no ice cream, no rice noodle dishes at a Chinese restaurant, etc...  Usually, at least...
I will swap most of my snacks with light veggie or fruit substitutes, and drink a lot more water, especially instead of hot chocolate, unnecessary coffee, etc.  It's all a part of my goals...  Sort of like trying to becoming my ideal self.

So...  Japanese (+ Kanji), Korean, Writing (Novel etc.), Go, Outdoor exercise.  Watching Anime and reading Manga can't be helped...  it's part of who I am...  If I had money, I would even add Karaoke to the list, too ^^

I've already started stretching regularly again and doing a few minutes of light exercises almost every day.  Mind you, my "light" might be your "hardcore"...  That aside, I'll also make sure to walk home often instead of street car, stairs instead of escalator, etc.

If I weigh 220lbs right now (I'm not chubby/fat, by the way ^^), I would like to bring it at least down to 200.  I think over the last few years, my appetite has gotten a bit out of control, so I need to make myself more...  sustainable...  ^^

Anyway, each week I should put in at least 25 hours into Japanese, 30 into Korean, 15-20 into Go (10 of which are Saturday Go club, which I'm obliged to, and James' house, and probably about 5 of those hours would inevitably be fooling around or playing weaker players/teaching...)  I should put at least 15, but hopefully more like 20 into writing*/brainstorming, and at least 12-15 into extra outdoor exercise.  I should try to limit Anime/Manga/Games and other leisure to...  let's see...  This will be hard, so I should structure this out:

The list:

Doing nothing
Facebook, email, surfing
Casual / 'out-of-boredom' Go games

So...  Doing nothing is unavoidable sometimes, but I should not do it if I know I'm doing it ^^  I need to at least reduce the length and frequency of my 'breaks'

Facebook, email, surfing --> Surfing is barely needed, email is quick, so I should limit Facebook to [net]30 minutes.
Random Useless Go Games: Maximum one per day.

Hopefully I will succeed in structuring things out like this in practice :)  If only, if only.