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One Thing Ends, Another Begins

 Hi everyone!


Now that I've gone back to school and my life has begun a new course, I decided to start things off with a new blog!  That, and the fact that I apparently have to pay money to change my LJ url... T__T
I recently said I would start putting a lot more effort and tact and even more depth into my entries, and that's something I plan to adhere to from now on, so please check out my new blog!
It's called Drifting Sand
I really hope that everyone who's been following this blog will make the transition to my new one, thanks!  The link is below.



Re: ...so desu ne

Oh noes, that's really uncool.

Oh wait, but I just checked it out. It seems like you can comment, and can even choose a profile from a list that includes LJ. Please let me know if you're really unable to comment, or if there's something about it that would discourage people from commenting. Thanks!