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Oct. 29th, 2010

My Fuseki Invention


So far, this opening is undefeated after 10 games on Oro against 6 and 7 Dans and one 8 Dan.  My level is about Oro 7 Dan.

I've shown this opening to Breakfast, and his opinion seemed good, so i think we'll show this to An Younggil 8p.  The overwhelming territory I get on the right side immediately keeps winning the games for me.

What to call this?  It's like San Ren Sei with the middle stone one space closer to one of the corners..  It is similar to Chinese opening, it just has a star point instead of a 3-4 (Komoku).

Possible names:

Canadian Opening (We should have one!)
Two-Star Chinese Opening (Like a fusion)
Emphasized SanRenSei Fuseki (But it's not really SAN ren sei anymore)
Hayai Moyo Fuseki (Fast Moyo Opening)
Super Chinese Opening (Yeah!)
Boushi Fuseki (Named after the response to white's approach move on the lonelier corner, the capping move)
Hyouga Fuseki (Hyouga Yukio is the name of the main character in my story, surname Hyouga.  It might be my pen name later, but anyway, Hyouga means "glacier".  The shape occurring from Black capping move and the moves that follow form a glacier-like shape.)
Yukio Fuseki
Mantle Fuseki (Named directly after me?  Maybe it must be "Mantoru Fuseki then..."  Sounds awkward regardless.)
High Fuseki (Simple.  This opening plays a lot of stones above the third line)
Emphasized Fuseki (Emphasized one side, unlike Sanrensei)
High Canadian Fuseki or Canadian High Fuseki (More specific)

Which one is the best???

Anyway, I would very much like to take credit for this opening!  Please try it!  Spread the word!
Please also tell me which name is best, or another one!
I want to create a wave!


Oct. 27th, 2010


 The title of this entry is Aki ga suki desu, which means "I like fall/autumn".

I've been accepted into the Academic Bridging program at U of T!!  All I have to do is get 73% this term in order to get one credit and fully enroll as a regular student in the Faculty of Arts and Science.  I start there January 10, 2011!  I have plenty of time to improve my Japanese and Korean skill and my writing skills.  I intend to have some pages of a novel written by then, too, and I will know at least 500 Kanji!

For my personal reference, my  current list of prospective novel ideas...

Curse 1000
[Curse 1000 prequal series]
Chrome Lotus
Angel of Hearts
Element School
One Plus Half
Mr. Everyone
Soul Seer
Godly Road
Master of Nothing

Anyway, so far I know about 60 Kanji.  Some of them are hard to remember though...  I'll need to increase the time spent on putting them to use if I want to remember all of them...

I wish a new Zelda game would come out on console!  What the hell!  Where's the next game??  Well, I don't have a Wii anyway, so my life is very sad.

I'm going to put far greater effort into learning Korean right now, simply because I'm having difficulty...  If I can bring my Korean ability just up to my Japanese ability, it won't be so grueling to study it!  I would be all set!

My best friend, Allen, met up with me yesterday for writer-talk and general catching up.  He had a tough break up, sad life for him...  I tried my best to cheer him up and offered not only mood-lifting strategies, but a way to look at the world that can help him take charge of his emotions.  This one one thing I'm good at...  I think I look at the world quite differently than most people...  I view things from a neutral position, think about everything as rationally as possible, and control my emotions pretty well.  I believe my carefree outlook grants me good mental health.  I feel as though people who don't worry about trivial things and try to enjoy everything they do can perhaps live longer and avoid certain diseases better...  I strongly believe that it's pointless to worry about what *might* happen, so I don't.  Well, Of course I'm not perfect, I'm human too, but sometimes I'm proud that I can be as stoic as a robot.

Allen and I will try to join some kind of writer's group in Toronto.  We'll be able to make new connections there and build our strength as writers.

There was a tournament on the weekend, two days long!

I didn't sleep at all before the tournament...  So for rounds 1-3 I was a zombie...Round one I played Yutae, a 7-Dan ex-Insei of first class from Korea.  Lost ^^.  Second, I played a 4-Dan...  I held an advantage throughout, but I lost in the end, really bad mistake.  I was matched with a lower Dan young boy, Oliver for round three and won, ending the first day with a poor score of 1-2.  Day two I slept in and missed most of round 1.  They allowed me to play the 4-Dan and I won by time.  Round 5 I played a 6 Dan...  I messed up and died in a corner and nearly lost the game, but i was able to come back by taking over the entire center.  I worked hard to count the board and the moves over and over in the second half and won by 0.5.  My final opponent was Tiger, 7 Dan, and I lost...  My final score was 3-3.  Here are some pictures from the event.

My epic 0.5 Moku comeback game

Winners (the guys), left to right:  Yutae Seo (1st), james Sedgwick (3rd), Tiger Gong (2nd)

Youngest player, James' daughter Alice.  Next picture:  James
Joanna, our powerful hostess :)

I invented a new opening for myself.
Take SanRenSei and put the third stone one space closer to a corner instead.  If white approaches the corner farthest from black's middle stone, Black caps.  So far it is undefeated in 5 games, opponents ranged from 3 Dan to 6 Dan (Canadian level).

Thanks for reading!

Oct. 19th, 2010


 Hi everyone.

I was meaning to post an entire entry in Japanese, but I got busy so I'll do that some other time...
My birthday was yesterday, October 17th, so I am now 21 years old...  Nijuuissai desu.

Knowing that I've already lived in this world for 21 years, it makes me seem very unaccomplished.  With that in mind, I've been getting more serious, and tonight I rewrote a bunch of things I wrote up and re-posted them onto my wall, along with some new ones.  Now, as I type here on my laptop, there are 6 things I've put on my wall to the left of me.  First is a sheet listing my university interests and possible careers, basically a brainstormed list.  Typed, of course.  Another is a dreams list; a list of long term ambitions.  A few of the items from there, to give examples:  -Established and successful fiction novelist -6 Dan+ Go player - Fluent in Japanese and Korea ...etc.

Another sheet is titled 'Minor Goals', like "Learn 1000+ Kanji" and "Get into University and live on campus".  The last two sheets are daily regiments.  Here's an example:  My Tuesday-->Thursday daily regument...  Very strict!


8AM8:30=Breakfast + Exercise
8:309AM=Kanji Review
10:3011:30=Rewrite Korean Notes OR Learn Vocabulary
11:3012PM=Korean Language Research
12:301:30=Learn 5 New Kanji
1:302:30=Korean language Entertainment
2:304:30=Study Korean, Rewrite Notes, Study Vocally
4:306PM=Eat Snack, Exercise (Must Be Outdoor)
6PM8PM=Study Korean
8PM9PM=Dinner + Rest
10PM11PM=Read + Take Notes From Novel
11PM11:30=Korean Entertainment OR Misc. Study

The characters between each pair of times are arrows, they were not transferred successfully from where I copied and pasted them from ^^

In order to make this schedule work, I must first spend a few days easing myself into the sleep schedule, and I must make a real to continue the routines normally in whichever time slot I'm in, no matter what I was caused to skip.

I've been learning 5 Kanji per day for over a week now, and I know about 50 at the moment.

I will receive notice of whether or not I got into the Academic Bridging Program or not within a week or two...

Ja na~

Oct. 11th, 2010


 Today is Thanks Giving, and I find myself thinking about university stuff.  I've been looking into awards, financial aid, osap, scholarships and so on, but it seems fairly useless to look at all this after all, since I haven't even started yet.  I'll keep my mind on it so I don't miss any chances, but I'm thinking people will probably lead me through things.

I've decided that, since I'm still sort of struggling with Korean and find difficulty in studying effectively at home, it would probably be more fruitful for me to focus on Japanese.  Eventually, since I'm taking classes and will take it in university, I will get the hang of Korean and reach a level where I can study it more effectively and competently, but I think I can get more bang for my buck by studying Japanese, since I already know a lot about how the language works and know a lot of random vocabulary and phrases, taught to me of course by Anime ^^

Therefore, I will edit my daily routine/protocols paper and change all instances of 'Korean' to 'Japanese or Korean', and spent a lot of free time learning vocabulary, improving reading speed, and researching grammar and such.

I need to get things straight or else I'm just wasting time!

1: Finish working on the letter to the university and get registered this week!
2: Study Korean a bit each day, and Japanese a few hours each day.
3: Continue reading Harry Potter books (just finished the first book) and spend a lot of time each day writing for one of my novels, get a lot down quickly for now and don't worry about editing!  I need to get into the imaginitive flow!
4;  Spend a few minutes improving my resume and stuff.

Follow my regiment properly (posted on my wall) so that I fit in things like exercise as well...
Start getting to sleep early and waking up early!   It will make everything a lot better!
Start going to libraries and coffee shops as often as possible to get work done.

So it's clear, the main focuses are registering to school, learning languages and writing my novel!  Focus, Focus!!!


Oct. 8th, 2010


Oh!  Reading the newest chapter 104 of Bakuman (manga about manga) gave me a bit of will power!  I came up with a good plan for my writing.

Although at the moment, writing comes after learning Korean, hunting for a job/working on resume and cover letters, and registering and preparing for school, I've come up with a good idea for how to progress more quickly for the time being.

Instead of focusing on CURSE 1000, I'll focus on the prequel series!  I know I've already said that I have like 8 different developed story ideas, at least 5 of which I have great confidence in, but there's one more I forgot about that's stranded on my dead hard drive.

A prequel too CURSE 1000 (although not crucially connected at all) based around a a boy in junior high.  A simple slice-of-life school story, but with some fantasy to it.  There are nine demon gods in the story of CURSE 1000, and later on in that story, it ends up that each one of them awakens from within a warrior in the current age, who becomes their host.  My plan for this prequel story is to have a simple, soft-core school life story, with the exception of the main character having hidden powers that he uses for good will.  That hidden power will be, well, two things, things very characteristic of the big 'main' sequel series, CURSE 1000.  Firstly, he will have the "Limit Release" or "Soul Release" or whatever I end up calling it that heightens his abilities in battle, invoked in serious situations.  It can be compared to Gundam SEED's 'seed', various visual techniques from Naruto, and some other series'.  What's important for originality are the specifics, the role it plays in the story, and the original combination that makes up the story itself!  I'm a sucker for the 'seed' and any similar kind of power!  The main character's second, most true hidden is a demon god within him.  This will pretty much sum up the conflict of the story, too.  I would like the story to be a simple school life thing with slow progression.  High on romance, perhaps like DNAngel in that respect, and very single-layered, unlike CURSE 1000.

The purpose I thought of for writing this now is to gain experience!  I need a lot of practice with writing a simple story before I can try difficult ones, so I will write this story at a reasonably fast pace in order to gain a lot of experience.  I might also work on Curse a little here and there all the while, as I have been, but I'm not really ready to go all out with it.  This will be a lot less intimidating for me too, and I can do al ot of experimentation since I'm not afraid to ruin it.


What Am I Up To?

 Right now I'm preparing the one-page letter explaining why I'd be suitable for Academic Bridging program, what steps I've taken to prepare, yaddah yaddah.  I can't submit it until after the weekend now, but at least I'm well before the end-of-the-month deadline.  I'll submit my full registration on Monday.  I also did some research on various things today, such as other Korean language classes and websites, forums, writer's groups, and career paths (Career Cruising etc.).  I was looking up how to become a publisher, how novelists usually go about their career development, U of T courses within the Arts and Science department, etc.

I also started reading Harry Potter the other day...  I randomly have some of the novels, so I decided I'll give in and give it a try.  The purpose is to improve my writing, so I'll read all of Harry Potter and various other fantasy-fictions, maybe even science-fiction.  When it comes to improving my 'Curse1000' story, I may even try reading romance or something - whatever it takes! ^^'

The only issue is that I have to *hope* that I get financial aid for my Bridging program term.  They said it's not certain, but I have good chances if I'm, well, poor -__-.  As long as I get it, I'll be in the clear.  All I'll have to do is look into grants and any other ways to supplement funding so that I can offset me eventual OSAP debt.  I may even try working part time while in school.  I still have the credit card debt, after all...  I have to be sure to think about what comes after university, especially regarding OSAP.  When I submit on Monday I'll ask them about what I have to do to make sure I get to live around campus, probably in a dorm.  I looked into this a little too...  I also wrote down and made clear all the departments within the faculty that may be of interest to me, which ended up being anything related to east asia or english and writing, with the addition of philosophy.  I organized my room and belongings into the closest I could get to an "office", and I typed up and printed four sheets and taped them to the wall.  One gives a clear, point-formed list of my "dreams" - my longterm goals for the future.  Another is a 'To Do' list.  The third is called 'Daily Regiment and Protocols' which outlines the daily requirements I've set for myself (in terms of reading, writing, studying etc.) as well as limitations.  For example, I've put down maximum 4 hours of Anime/Manga entertainment, and for each period of 10 minutes for that, I must stop and do 10 minutes of studying Korean.  The rest is all that kind of thing, but not complicated at all, and not too demanding - a short list.  The final one lists all my possible interests in university (Japanese Language, Korean Language, Creative Writing, Journalism and more...) and lists possible careers.  I will be researching all of these careers in depth during the next while.

I'm about halfway through the first Harry Potter book.  I suppose it ain't bad.  The first chapter was boring to me, I really don't like hearing about characters like The Dursleys, but it wasn't bad.  No, it was good.  I can't believe six chapters passed before Harry entered Hogwarts.  In my first chapter, the main character already went to his academy's big orientation, a lot happened pretty fast, I realize now...  The vivid descriptions and extensive, grabbing, unique narration made my chapter seem hollow in comparison.  Of course, I'll need to read many more fiction novels for a broad comparison, to be fair to myself.  At first, I thought what my chapter lacked, among other things, was dialogue to replace narration, a useful tool that could give my purposely emotionless, quiet main character...a character!  This may be true for the style of my novel, but There is a great deal of regular narration in Harry Potter and it works just fine.  It's a bit confusing, but I can begin to grasp that which I lack in my writing.

Okay, thanks for reading!  Again soon.

Oct. 7th, 2010


 Hi everyone.  Today I'm not feeling down.  I want to thank you again for following my journal!

Here's a beautiful track from the Gundam SEED Anime, one of MANY!

Gundam SEED is my favourite Anime!

Today I realized that I kind of hate Toronto in some ways.

There's an excess of drug addicts, homeless people and other unfortunate cases all over the streets and it makes things very depressing.  I don't find the city to be very clean at all either, and somehow everyone just looks pretty gloomy, but it might just be my current mood.

Worst of all - the Subway!  It sucks!  I'm really sensitive to the screeches made by the train, it gives me a headache every time!  The train is also excessively shaky, rather tiring when you have to stand and hold things.  The Subway really sucks!
There are only a few places in the city I like...  I like University of Toronto St. George Campus...  It's beautiful.  It felt really nice walking down the street on my way to the Woodsworth building because the street was full of young students.  I ran into three people I knew from high school or elsewhere around my age.  Three!  I also like the fountain place near the CN tower, and I suppose I like Korea town, along with the park there.  There may be other places I like too that I just haven't been to recently enough to remember.  Sometimes I like Broadview, the scene of the city at night from atop the hill is nice.  I don't like seeing all the traffic and stuff in the distance though.

Seoul, on the other hand, is pretty nice.  It's pretty modern and has lots of nice places like Technomart and Lottemart(?), and around Christmas, there are a lot of decorative lites that look really amazing.  I can't remember clearly, but I recall some very interesting fake replicas of things made out of lights, for example, maybe a fake fountain?  I can't really remember...  OH!  I just found an example on google!  Here are a few pics, including a fountain of light!

The Subway in Seoul is really nice!  It's really futuristic and doesn't screech, and it's all pristine and white on the inside and looks very clean!  People don't make much noise, either!  It's kind of a rule I think.
Despite all the modern features of the city, it has lots of really really traditional kinds of Korean "village" type areas and roads, and lots of people selling all kinds of things on the streets, it's very interesting!  In my opinion, the ratio of good-looking people (girls) there is pretty high, too!  But that could be controversial and is definitely opinionated, so let's leave it at that ^^

I will register for school tomorrow!

Oct. 6th, 2010

Random Post

 This won't be long, but I need to let out some steam and give myself the facts.

Lately, I only find myself playing Go out of boredom.  My online game today proved to me that I'm truly unable to play my best online, and I hate that the Go world seems to be faster time limits and more online.  To me Go is an art.  I enjoy the contemplative aspect of the game, not the fast-paced sport side of it.  I intend to stop playing Go for a while, maybe play here and there or when I more or less have to.  If I drop this for now, I can begin to relieve myself of this great stress I've had for a while.  I've realized just how stresses out and anxious I am, it's no good.

Go, Writing, Asian Languages, Anime/Manga watching/reading...  And anything else I do here and there...

I will limit it to writing and Korean for now, nothing more!  I will decrease the amount of time I spend entertaining myself with Manga and Anime, too.  I need to really focus on learning Korean especially...

I will register for Bridging Program at U of T asap, and once I've done a term of that, I'll be a regular U of T student!  I will focus everything on school during that time, but I'll put most of my other time into writing as well as learning Korean and Japanese.  My long term goal will be to get some novels finished, to improve immensely at novel writing, to become fluent in both Korean and Japanese, and to do so well in school that I get extra grants or any kind of initiative I can find for it.  I also hope to do some abroad stuff during the four years...  If I have time, I'll work a part-time job, but I wonder If I'll have time...

I won't attend Go club that often for now...  These days I don't really learn anything about Go there and I can barely get a game, not only that, but lately I've felt kind of uncomfortable.  Certain friends of mine seem to think pretty lowly of me, or at least put me below them, and I'm kind of tired of going home feeling misunderstood.  I just have to get these things off of my mind...  Sometimes I act a bit immature, for example ,if someone calls me something, like "fail", I just respond like "no YOU'RE a - - ", but what's misunderstood is that I purposely do that do be childish, to be "cute" you could say, I guess.  Or something like "Aww...I don't wanna -- -- -- ~~~" like a little kid, but it should be so obvious by now that I'm being like that on purpose.  You can call it an odd humour, although it's not really uncommon...  I hate being misunderstood.
The other thing is that I seem to be the only one brave enough to talk about my own failness with others, like my job failness, but everyone gets on me about it so much that it really pisses me off.  Sometimes they give me useful advice, but often they're clearly just undermining me.  One person even said "You lack life experience" or "I have more life experience than you" or something.  WTF!  We're the same age!
I believe I have good intuition, so I can tell what people are thinking, or at least what they think of me based on their facial expressions toward me.  I'm just really sick of my position there...  I don't really gain anything from going there these days, it doesn't even feel like I'm with friends sometimes.  My intuition has told me for at least a year now that one certain person from the club doesn't acknowledge or respect, or he never plans on acknowledging me even if I succeed completely, even if I get a job and deal with my failness, or even if I'm stronger than him at Go.

Huff...  It's not like he's always disrespectful to me, and he knows how to act like a friend, but lately I just feel like everyone is pushing my head into the ground.  He should realize that my overly laid back, dreaming personality is not something that will change with life experience, and that he should not compare himself to me in such a biased way.  I've yet to enter university, I don't have a great deal of work experience, and I'm not even better at Go than some people who focus their lives on completely different things.  I also suck at directions and I can be a bit clumsy now and then, at least a little more than the others.  AND?  Is it really okay to judge me by my greatest weaknesses?  Some of those things I actually like, even if they're shortcomings.  I just really hate when people think they're superior.  Lots of people think they're superior compared to the average person, even I've thought this way before, but I don't act in a way that reveals it.  The person I'm thinking of, in my eyes, somehow manages to do this without speech.  I guess he also compliments himself a lot, but you know what, I like that about you!  That is called character!  It's even fine if you think you're better than me overall as a person, but don't let me know that!  People naturally think highly of themselves for the sake of their self esteem, they compare their vast knowledge of themselves to the little they know of another and make lots of educated guesses or assumptions, sometimes even conclusions...  We should realize that we are almost definitely inflating our opinions of ourselves.  This way, it might become easier to look at one's self from the third person...

Anyway, I suppose it's an important time for me now.  This is the time wherein I must accomplish my goals and establish myself in this world.  Right now I must learn about writing, Japanese, and Korean and start my university life!

Lately I've been thinking I need a new friend circle.  Perhaps a group from my program, or a writing group, or just a group of randoms that with things in common that can help me be productive.  Of course, if I can find such a circle, I won't stop meeting with my Go circle.  I'm not abandoning the bots.  I just need a group of humans to cheer me up when I get excluded from the bots-only club.

Oh, and when I play Go, I'm going to play slooooooooow :)

Oct. 2nd, 2010

Self Reminders

 I've been a little down lately, so I'm just reminding myself of what needs to be done by posting it here ^^

Steps to success, so that no one can ever call me 'fail' :

-Get a job
-Get into the Academic Bridging program and begin my University life
-Finish writing one novel
-Become trilingual
-Get one stone stronger at Go

Tonight I'll make a resume, and in the following days, I'll improve my resume, make cover letters, and hunt for jobs, especially in person.
Once I get a job, I just need to pay off my credit cards and rise up the money needed for one term of Bridging program.  After that, I should keep the job, but either way I would be unfailed.
As for writing, I should work on it steadily with a daily routine, find some kind of writer's club if possible that I can learn from, and take relevant courses in university.  I will also read novels that match my genre when I have time, and that should be enough for improvement, aside from getting people's constant critique on my chapters.
Next week I'll get the data off of my old hard drive, so I'll be able to continue my novel at full blast, having reunited with all of my online written works.
I should bring two pieces of ID in to BMO so I can get a bank account there.  This allows me to collect air miles faster as well as pay off my credit card online like I do with my td Visa.
In terms of how I spent my free time as a whole, most of it should go toward learning Korean.  My first step is to catch up to the higher level class that I just switched to so that I can understand the lessons every Thursday.  I will work hard toward that, and once I get ahead of the class through constant study, I'll look for other classes, practice reading Korean books, and speaking with my Korean friends.
As for Japanese, I'll take it slow - For each episode of Anime I watch, I should learn one word from it.
As for Go, I've put it on lower priority for now, but between playing James on some Mondays, random studying here and there and playing stronger players in KGS Insei League, I should be able to move forward.

I will not be a fail!

Sep. 28th, 2010

Writing my stories...

 I can't continue from chapter 1 of Curse1000 until I retrieve a lot of the story plans from the hard drive of my old computer that doesn't start up properly anymore.  Just now I realized...  This story is so complex, each character has so much depth, charisma and ability, and the story itself including the prologue and future plans are so deep..  This story is to powerful for me right now!  I will work towards making this the best it can be, my ultimate project!  How to do that?  First, I'll finish working on chapter one to make it nice.  I'll make all the little fixes I want to make, take suggestions, and get a drawing of the demon lord so that I can describe him accurately.

After getting a nice version of chapter one finished, I'll work on a simpler story and in the meantime, get my old story data retrieved.  Once I get it back, I'll put it all on my computer, then completely type up all character profiles and all story plans, including all background information.

I think I should get practice with something simpler and shorter first!

As for Korean class - I'll make sure I have a good hold on reading and writing, and memorize a great deal of elementary phrases and vocabulary before class on Thursday.  Besides that, I have a few lessons to do on KGS, a game for my own benefit to play with my friend Dusan, and a resume to make.

Clearly I've been procrastinating my resume, but here's why...

I don't know where i want to work!  Even though I'm going to make a cover letter or two, I want to tailor my resume to the employer or industry a little too!  I think I need to do at least that, since I've given up on trying to make an awesome resume, and I'm just going to do one that's at least a bit better than my old one.  Perhaps before I make a resume, I need to figure out where I'm going to work.  Because of my credit card debt, I have to get a job now, but the problem is, I can't work in fast food, so then where?  Maybe I should just go after jobs at grocery stores, restaurants (?) and retail.  I'll keep looking around randomly online in the hopes of finding something easy...  If I can't get a job within two months, I'll be bitin' the bullet big time from interest and cash advance charges....

Here's a little something about my story, Curse 1000 (pending name).

Regarding the main character, the most interesting part of the story is that he has about 1000 curses, the activations of which give him some kind of random gain or loss, so this is not only cool for him as a character, but gives me a lot of possibility for things to come.  For example - One of these will cause his sword to transform.

Another is his "Limit Release", something possible for all genetically engineered battle-humans, so to speak.  Not sure if I will call them Battlemancers...  I don't want to throw too many terms around or do anything too childish.

I decided that since humans are continually being genetically engineered like this, there are different levels, almost like versions.  Natural humans are referred to as Alpha, or Alpha-something, and after that, the first stage is Beta, then Gamma, Delta etc.

I have some interesting ideas like...  For example, the lead female character, Kurenai Luna (pending name, Kurenai=family name), she doesn't seem so strong and she's very peaceful and emotional like a normal human girl, but the truth is, her "platform" is extremely high, like ZETA or something, meaning her power is extreme, but this doesn't get revealed for a really long time, not until a time comes when she's forced to use it, not only for her sake, but to protect someone else.  This is one of my many planned scenes that will thrill the reader ^^  Sigh...  So much better if it were a manga.

So that's it!  I will do a simple story first!  Before that, I must study Korean in preparation for Thursday, and even before that, I must make a dummy-resume.

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