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Story Writing...

 Right now I'm too lazy to post the games from before....  But I will...

Working on my new story today...  A Legend of Zelda-like fantasy.  The purpose is to practice using this simple fantasy adventure novel.

Most of my main characters, especially those with royal connection, are named after colours.  What do you think of the main character's name?

His name is Clover Cornwall (Pending), an orphan that was found and taken in by a low-class family.  He is actually a prince, the son of the former (slain) King Azaelius.  Clover's real name is Midorus Virdaeis Azaelius of Covald.

'Midorus' comes from the Japanese word for green, 'Midori'.  'Virdaeis' comes from 'Viridian' and 'Azaelius' comes from 'Azalea'.  'Covald' comes from 'Cobalt'.

What do you think?

Coming up with names is really hard!

The villain, who is actually his brother, is named Carnelius Grimmzon Azaelius of Zenfor Dolk.  I named the 'City of Ice' by moving around the letters in the words Frozen and Cold, and switched the 'c' for 'k', although I'm not sure I like this name.  I wish I didn't have to come with all this out of randomness.

Some location names:

Azurus (True Azurus)
Idigo Bridge
Lake of the Lost
Beach of Barons
Shining Valley Moka Luma (I took 'mok' from Japanese and Korean 'wood', and 'luma' from 'luminous')
Maiden's Glade
Dark Meadow (It will have a unique name with two more words, making it 4 words, once I think of something)
Covald Castle
Covald Castle Town
Mount Piros
Fanglin Steep
Sky City Allabastus
Azure Sea
Holy City Azurus
Kagi Desert (At first, it was a random name.  Then I realized it's "Key" in Japanese, so it gave me the idea to incorporate a "Key" in the story)
Denza Market ('Denza' is truly 100% random...)

The Princess's given name will be Carmina ^^