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Recovered Motivation


The most important thing for anyone hoping to accomplish anything difficult is motivation!

After bringing many printed Go games to Go club for review ad having them commented by Tiger, I've regained a lot of thirst for power in Baduk.
It's not that I'm suddenly going to focus on Go now, just that here and there, I will try to improve.  Lately I've been a little distracted from having any really good, long study sessions, but that ends here!
I'll go to bed soon, but before that, I will review Tiger's comments - they're really difficult to properly absorb.  I'll also teach myself 2-3 Kanji, then finally I'l sleep, hopefully no later than 1am.

Dieting is harder than it looks...  resisting temptations...  It's really hard when your fridge and freezer are full of fattening things.  I pretty much have no choice at the moment...

I'm really eager to learn a lot more Kanji, and to get a lot better at both Japanese and Korean.
I can feel it, a tiny taste of what it will feel like when I reach all of these goals.

Sugoi yatsu ni naru! Zettai!