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Long Time!

 Sorry for the long wait, everyone!

I've been busy and very distracted, haven't posted in a while.  So here's what's going on...

Go - Haven't been playing much at all, gotten a little weaker -_-
Right now I'm just not that interested, I have a lot of other things going on.  BUT!  I will never fall below 5d!  I won't let it happen!

Someone recently posted a comment about how to post Go kifu better - Thank you!  I haven't actually tried it yet, but will do!

School - went to an orientation thingy on the fifth.  Apparently this Academic Bridging course (Intro to Literature) will be a bit intensive, a lot of work!  Apparently, I won't work as hard again until 3rd or 4th year!  Yikes.  First class is in 3 days.

I've been rather obsessive about Pokemon lately, haha...  Here's something I wanted to post...  I've gotten a lot better at battling and team building thanks to Pokemon Online.  Pre-ordered my Pokemon White, can't wait....

Here is the fifth generation team I've come up with.  I've had a long history (not so long...) of disliking the way the male character sprite for yourself in the game looks, so I usually pick the girl.  I've gone with the name Zelda, since it's my favourite RPG.  I'm pretty loyal to Nintendo...
My male version will be named Crimz.

So, here's the team - I love it!  I've called it Team Crimz, it is a bit focused on fire.  This is also for my self-reference.
All of my pokemon configurations are original.

Lead Pokemon: Ninetales

NINETALES (female) [Fire Type]
Item: Focus Sash (prevents fainting from one hit)
Ability: Drought (Changes weather to strong sunlight permanently, which powers up fire moves 50% and reduces Water 50%)
Nature: Timid (+10% Speed, -10% Attack)
Effort Values (Stat add-ons): 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 4 Special Defense
Overheat - Power 140 special fire attack, user's special attack is sharply reduced
Solarbeam - Power 120 special grass attack, requires one turn to charge up except in strong sunlight
Hypnosis - Puts foe to sleep, but accuracy is 60%
Power Swap - Trades changes in attack and special attack stats with foe
Level 100 Stats:  287 HP, 169 Attack, 186 Defense, 261 Special Attack, 237 Special Defense, 328 Speed

DOREDIA (female) [Grass Type]
Item: Leftovers (Heals 1/16 HP at the end of each turn)
Ability: Chlorophyll (Speed is doubled in strong sunlight)
Nature: Bold (+10% Defense, -10% Attack)
Effort Values (Stat add-ons): 252 Special Attack, 252 Defense, 4 HP
Giga Drain - Power 75 special grass attack that restores half the damage dealt to user's HP
Hidden Power (Fire) - Power 70 (ideally) special attack with type based on  Pokemon's Individual Values
Butterfly Dance - A rarely learned move that raises Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed
Aromatherapy - Heals status conditions of all party Pokemon
Level 100 Stats:  282 HP, 139 Attack, 273 Defense, 318 Special Attack, 186 Special Defense, 215 Speed

CHARIZARD (male) [Fire Type, Flying Type]
Item: Life Orb (Powers up attacks at the expense of some HP for each attack made)
Ability: Solar Power (Special Attack increased by 50% in battle at the expense of some HP each turn)
Nature: Timid (+10% Speed, -10% Attack)
Effort Values (Stat add-ons): 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense
Flamethrower - Power 95 special fire attack
Solar Beam - Power 120 special grass attack that requires a turn to charge up except in strong sunlight
Dragon Pulse - Power 90 special dragon attack
Sunny Day - Changes weather to strong sunlight, which powers up fire and weakens water
Level 100 Stats: 297 HP, 183 Attack, 192 Defense, 317 Special Attack, 207 Special Defense, 328 Speed

STARMIE (genderless) [Water Type, Psychic Type]
Item: Focus Sash (Prevents user from fainting from one hit)
Ability: Natural Cure (User's status conditions are cured upon leaving battle)
Nature: Timid (+10% Speed, -10% Attack)
Effort Values (Stat add-ons): 252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Defense
Psycho Shock - Power 80 special Psychic attack, applies damage to foes Defense, not Special Defense
Thunderbolt - Power 95 special electric attack with a small chance of paralyzing
Ice Beam - Power 95 special ice attack with a small chance of freezing
Rapid Spin - Power 40 physical normal attack that removes arena hazards, escapes Wrap, Fire Spin etc.
Level 100 Stats: 261 HP, 167 Attack, 207 Defense, 299 Special Attack, 206 Special Defense, 361 Speed

ARCANINE (male) [Fire Type]
Item: Balloon (User is aerial and cannot be affected by ground-type moves or arena spikes until it pops)
Ability: Intimidate (Upon entry to battle, opposing Pokemon's Attack is lowered by one stage)
Nature: Jolly (+10% Speed, -10% Special Attack)
Effort Values (Stat add-ons): 252 Attack, 216 Speed, 40 Defense
Flare Blitz - Power 120 physical fire attack, user receives 1/3 the damage dealt.
Close Combat - Power 120 physical fighting attack, user's Defense and Special Defense drop
ExtremeSpeed - Power 80 physical normal attack that strikes first regardless of Speed
Wild Bolt - Power 70 physical electric attack, user receives 1/3 the damage dealt
Level 100 Stats: 321 HP, 319 Attack, 206 Defense, 212 Special Attack, 196 Special Defense, 308 Speed

DRAGONITE (male) [Dragon Type, Flying Type]
Item: Lava Cookie (Cures a status condition as soon as it appears.  Single use.)
Ability: Multi Scale (The first damage dealt to this Pokemon is halved)
Nature: Adamant (+10% Attack, -10% Special Attack)
Effort Values (Stat add-ons): 180 Attack, 220 Defense, 108 Speed
Dragon Claw - Power 80 physical dragon attack
Earthquake - Power 100 physical ground attack
Extremespeed - Power 80 physical normal attack that strikes first regardless of Speed
Dragon Dance - Raises user's Attack and Speed
Level 100 Stats: 323 HP, 383 Attack, 281 Defense, 212 Special Attack, 236 Special Defense, 223 Speed

Here's how the team works:

Ninetales is sent out and the weather becomes strong sunlight.  Besides switching, Ninetales can attempt to put opponents to sleep when there's nothing better to do.  The combination of Power Swap and Focus Sash item allows Ninetales to survive against an overpowering foe long enough to steal all the power they've stacked up, eliminating their future threat at the very least.  It can also be used to lower opponent's special attack sharply after attacking with Overheat.  Overheat is already power 140, but it's increased by 50% by Same Type Attack Boost (Fire attack from Fire Pokemon) and then increased 50% again by the sun.  This way, even though Ninetales' Special Attack is not fabulous, this attack will be.  Solarbeam is an excellent and powerful move to be used to hit water, rock or ground types super effectively, serving to deal with Ninetales' Fire Pokemon weaknesses.  Doredia becomes extremely fast as long as the sun is strong, and as soon as it uses Butterfly Dance it becomes a powerful presence.  With high Defense, Leftovers and Special Defense increases through Butterfly Dance, as well as Giga Drain's HP benefits, Doredia becomes a super threat, troubled only by lack of diversity in its attacking moves' elements.  With Doredia, Solar Beam users, Drought and Thunderbolting Starmie present, water types are much less of a scare to the team.  Most water types are also slower than this team's Pokemon, so the only real threat there is the ability Drizzle, the water version of Drought.  If Ninetales is sent out a second time, the Drizzle can be overridden, but the opposite is also true.  Doredia's Aromatherapy is a wonderful status clearing move for the whole party, a good strategy against teams that utilize Toxic, Will-o-Wisp burning or Toxic Spikes.  Along with Dragonite's Lum Berry, Starmie's Natural Cure ability as well as it's useful Rapid Spin move, the team has ample defense against entry hazards and status attacks.  Charizard is the main powerhouse threat of the team.  Unfortunately, his 328 speed is just 1-6 points short of ideal, which would enable him to out-speed various popular dragons, but that doesn't stop him from demonstrating his large power with this team.  Dragon Pulse deals with any dragons he can keep up with, as well as Pokemon that resist his other two attacks and major enemies to this team such as the Water/Dragon Kingdra.  Solar Power ability boosts Charizard's Special Attack to an amazing 475, and all of his attacks are boosted another 30% or so by Life Orb.  Flamethrower receives a 50% boost from STAB and another from the sun, causing vicious damage even to fire-resisting Pokemon.  Solar Beam deals with his weaknesses, and Sunny Day ensures the presence of sun and can be used to eliminate sandstorm, hail or rain.  This move is an added assistance against rain-based teams utilizing Politoed and its Drizzle ability.  Those teams still have the advantage against this team even considering all the counter measures previously mentioned, but this team can at least have a chance to win or get down to one on one, a good result.  Starmie is a fast, multi-element user that covers a lot of enemy types and uses the all-important Rapid Spin.  Ice Beam and Thunderbolt are both very important (especially for against dragons and water types, respectively) and Psycho Shock is a STAB-boosted move that deals physical damage, useful for Pokemon like Snorlax and Blissey who resist special attacks.  Arcanine just barely out-speeds all the Pokemon that sit at 306 max speed.  With his respectable HP and decent defenses, he can survive some strong, neutrally effective physical attacks.  Extremespeed deals finishing blows, Flareblitz hits with physical fire boosted by sun and STAB, Wild Bolt can KO the flyers and water types and Close Combat deals with the rock, normal and steal types and has good base power.  Arcanine makes for a good revenge-killer and wall killer (Blissey etc.).  Last but not least, Dragonite.  His Multi Scale ability allows him to survive pretty much anything, and Lum Berry prevents status affliction while he's pumping himself with Dragon Dance.   One Dragon Dance makes him just barely out-speed Garchomp.  A few Dragon Dances and the game is over.  Dragonite is a good opponent for taking down those other powerful dragons that other Pokemon can't deal with.  The idea is to gain speed with Dragon dance, survive anything with Multi Scale and high Defense, and hit them super-effectively with STAB'd Dragon Claw.  Earthquake is also very useful, as the only ground attack throughout the team.  This team has a pretty good balance between special and physical, and is quite versatile.  It's weaknesses lie in its weakness against rain teams, and its over-emphasis on speedy sweepers - it lacks 'walls', and is therefor unbalanced in terms of team stats, which is a problem sometimes, like against certain 'Stall-wall' teams.

I've even planned out which other Pokemon I want to train and have for battling or collection, and once I complete this collection, I can sit back and leave it alone ^^

Other Main Battlers:  Ulgamoth, Jolteon, Weevile, Gengar, Ambipom, Chillaccino, Jalorda, Feraligatr, Scizor, Togekiss and Aerodactyl

Little Cup Team: Meowth, Vulpix, Totodile, Bulbasaur, Kibago, Gastly

Team Unova:

Chillaccino, Zoroark, Jalorda, Mamanbou, Emonga and Shandera.

Pokemon like Emonga are not very strong, sure, but it's my style to only use the ones I like.

Other Pokemon of Crimz/Zelda:

Arcanine (Sp. Atk), Swellow, Jolteon (Modest), Metagross, Infernape, Pikachu, Milotic, Vaporeon, Zangoose, Wargle, Persian,
Mismagius, Espeon, Nidoking, Roserade, Wartortle (Physical), Blastoise, Blastoise (Physical), Absol, Furiijio, Baokki, Abagoura, Flareon, Umbreon, Meganium, Clefable(2), Kojondo, Cloyster, Lapras, Oshawott and Tauros.