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 So I've had four classes so far.  We did quite a bit of work in the first class, we had to write up some long answers to some questions about No One's A Mystery, which we read in class.  There was also some extra-credit homework.  I got 77%, not bad.  Receiving this mark came immediately after Prof. Maher's talk about how an 80 is an outstanding paper, and 90 means you can teach the class.  So yeah, I was happy. There was even a hint of wickedness, as I saw that many other classmates received poor marks.  For most of the class, he thoroughly explained all of our powerful fails on this assignment, and to my dismay, it sounded like he was talking about me the whole time ^^  I was really able to see all of the ways I could improve my work, enough to get me excited about it.  That's why I was happy about a 77, because apparently I could have produced a 90 if I knew all of my failage!  In tonight's class I was able to answer a lot of questions about grammar that we discussed as a group, and prof mentioned that I seems pretty good at grammar.  It really was like child's play to me, for the most part.  I've set a goal of getting the highest mark in the class, and at least above an 80, but preferably above 85.  For now, it feels within my grasp.


Re: so desu ne...

Thanks! I'm glad someone is still reading my entries even though I went a while without a post!
It's too bad that I haven't been very involved with Go lately though, I'm sure some people who read my LJ preferred those posts. Sooner or later I'll put some effort into making this journal cool again ^^